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Positioned competitively as one of the world’s top two garment interlining manufacturers

Heavier or lightweight fabrics, structured clothing or more supple garments, interlinings must fit with the specifications of the apparel for which they are used.
Leveraging its proficiency in the latest coating processes and its increased R&D team, Chargeurs Fashion Technologies has developed a range of very thin interlinings in response to the growing trend in both women’s apparel and menswear.


In 2016, Chargeurs Fashion Technologies reported a strong improvement in profitability, helped by a renewed focus on innovation and revamped managerial, industrial and commercial strategies. The creation of a new subsidiary in Ethiopia is an example of the division's new momentum.

Chargeurs Fashion Technologies is our business that serves the world's leading menswear and womenswear brands by designing interlining, the only technical fabric used in a garment. Interlining is generally hot-fused between the fabric and the lining, to help jackets, coats, shirts and blouses to retain their shape and structure. The division's chemists and textile engineers develop and apply the coating technology used to manufacture the interlining.

The technology requires high level expertise for its development and the ability to continuously adapt to the fabrics chosen by the leading brands for their many collections throughout the fashion year. Interlining is a high value-added product built around our intimate knowledge of the leading international brands, ability to allocate production across a global manufacturing base, supplu chain capabilities and innovative service solutions.

It is a niche business that combines speed, technical content, differentiation and know-how.


"We are a major international player present across all continents"

Bernard Vossart, Managing Director
Chargeurs Fashion Technologies



"In'side Fashion"

Chargeur Fashion Technologies' interlining gives shape and structure to the garments sold by over 1,600 luxury, ready-to-wear and fast-fashion brands. Its global footprint, with eight plants and 18 marketing subsidiaries, enables it to offer a local service to every customer in a highly mobile apparel industry.

Chargeurs Fashion Technologies is at the center of this industry. In June 2016, it opened a showroom in Paris, in the heart of the capital's garment district, to showcase all of the products from its innovation pipeline. A second showroom is due to open in the Manhattan district of New York during the first half of 2017.

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