Chargeurs Luxury Materials

Full traceability of high quality combed wool

Following scouring which rids the wool of impurities, raw wool is carded and combed into tops : a large sliver of wool which is sold to spinners.
Tops are made from blends, which ensure consistent production quality. Fibers are measured in microns which determine the final uses.


In 2016, Chargeurs Luxury Materials (the new name of Chargeurs Wool) drew on the key aspects of its expertise - quality and stability, full traceability and know-how - to market premium combed wool for prestigious luxury fashionwear and sportswear brands.

Chargeurs Luxury Materials supplies the world's finest, softest and most resistant wool fibers. The world leader in premium wool trading, the division is stepping up its strategic focus on outstanding, high value-added products.

The only global trader capable of offering customers wool from every producing region, Chargeurs Luxury Materials is deploying an optimized business model that operates through firm contracts. Quality, traceability and fiber stability : the business leverages its expertise in selecting the finest greasy wool tops from producers worldwide. These are processed in combing mills in the United States, Uruguay, Argentina and China.

The focus of Chargeurs Luxury Materials' R&D units is to offer increasingly fine, softer wool grades, drawing on the Group's sustainable production/distribution cycle model and constantly working to strengthen its long-term integration in local producer communities and regional ecosystems.


"We supply a valuable ressource, with full knowledge of where it came from and of its compliance width our standards of excellence"

Federico Paullier, Managing Director
Chargeurs Luxury Materials


Wool, or how to master a natural product

Chargeurs Luxury Materials excels in meeting the twin challenges of guaranteeing full traceabiliy of the wool - which requires detailed knowledge of production methods and a loyal supplier base - and delivering very high quality wool, whatever the weather conditions, the age of the sheep or the quality of their fodder. 

As a natural product, the quality of wool may vary. To guarantee traceability and fiber stability, Chargeurs Luxury Materias leverages its exceptional expertise in topmaking. Topmaking, a key phase in the production process for woolen garments, consists of creating long, fine blended-wool fibers, known as tops that are closely aligned with the needs of the spinning mills.

Thanks to its presence alongside wool producers and the partner combing mills, Chargeurs Luxury Materials master all of the stages in the value chain.

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