Chargeurs Protective Films

The world leader in temporary surface protection

Plastic sheets, stainless steel, aluminium, pre-coated metals, PVC profiles, etc. all these fragile materials need to look impeccable and are therefore likely to be protected by self-adhesive films developed by Chargeurs Protective Films.

In 2016, Chargeurs Protective Films reported sharply improved performance and once again exceeded its targets, while at the same time helping to consolidate the temporary surface protection market

Chargeurs Protective Films supplies the construction, manufacturing, automotive and electronics industries with self-adhesive plastic films for the temporary protection of fragile surface. 

Its highly technical films maintain a finished product"s surface integrity at every stage in the customer"s manufacturing process (folding, stamping, profiling, etc.), as well as during handling, transportation and fitting. Our mastery of all temporary surface protection technologies enables us to offer a comprehensive range of self-adhesive films that protect products from smudging and scratching and improve their heat and stress resistance during production and surface priming for painting before finalization. Surface protection is applied far upstream in the customer process to guarantee impeccable surface quality from one end to the other of the production process. In this way, our films also help customers to lower their production costs. The protection surface market is structurally growing, in step with the development of modern economies.

With its innovation-led stragey and commitment to partnering customers by recommending bespoke surface protection solutions, Chargeurs Protective Films is leveraging its distinctive and sustainable approach to extend its competitive lead.


"Our objective : to always stay ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and service"

Laurent Derolez, Managing Director
Chargeurs Protective Films



"The leading provider of innovative coating solutions"

The rapid pace of industrial transformation has led to the emergence of multiple technical surfaces that require protection throughout the transformation process. Chargeurs Protective Films plays a central role in helping customers address the emerging issues when their new products are still on the drawing board, by offering innovative temporary surface protection solutions closely aligned with their needs. The continuous innovation process is illustrated by Chargeurs Protective Films' new products (Laser Fiber), new machinery (coating line) and customer-centric organization systems.

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