Chargeurs Technical Substrates

Fast Growing demand for functionalized textiles

In 2016, Chargeurs Technical Substrates confirmed its market leadership and increased its production capacity with the commissioning of a new 5-meter width coating line that responds closely to customer demand.

Chargeurs Technical Substrates functionalizes used in the fast-growing advertising, decoration and interior architecture markets. Being able to master coating technology in all its forms is a major asset of three of our four businesses.

Extremely delicate and complex to implement technically, coating enables Chargeurs Technical Substrates to functionalize textiles for specific applications, such as the shading or uniform diffusion of light, soundproofing or electromagnetic wave (GSM, Wifi) filtering.

These functionalities can also be combined, for example to create large advertising displays on which the fabric can diffuse light, be fireproofed and printed in very high resolutions.


"At Chargeurs Technical Substrates, we are constantly striving to reinvent and enhance the future, so that we can offer, around the world,increasingly innovative high-tech products.”

Patrick Bonnefond, Managing Director
Chargeurs Technical Substrates


The strengths of an industrial champion whose products enjoy a solid reputation in the advertising and decoration markets.

  • High-level expertise in textiles and technical coating technologies
  • Unrivaled print quality for markets where the quality of indoor or outdoor displays is the single most important criterion
  • Continuous product development to keep pace with market trends
  • A responsive R&D center capable of quickly developing specific products
  • An agile and efficient ecosystem comprising printing professionals (ink and machine manufacturers)
  • Differentiating and functionalized products (light, fire and soundproofing products, wave filtering products)
  • A coated textile offering in widths of up to 5 meters.

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