Chargeurs Wool

Chargeurs Wool specializes in topmaking, which consists of creating long, fine blended-wool fibers, known as tops, that successfully meet the needs of spinning mills. It is a major world player in combed wool sales, with a powerful international network and the support of solid local industrial partners.

Following scouring which rids the wool of impurities, raw wool is carded and combed into tops : a large sliver of wool which is sold to spinners.
Tops are made from blends, which ensure consistent production quality. Fibers are measured in microns which determine the final uses.

The year 2014

In 2014, Chargeurs Wool’s solid results confirmed the validity of its new model that was successfully introduced in 2013. Supported by local industrial partners, Chargeurs Wool sells combed wool around the world and demonstrated its ability to reduce the risks arising from the volatility of this highly competitive market.

In the textile fiber market, raw wool prices tend to be high, unlike competing fibers like cotton or synthetic fibers like polyester, whose prices have fallen along with oil prices. With its small environmental footprint and undeniable technical properties, wool meets the needs of a variety of niche markets.

Recognized for its unique expertise, Chargeurs Wool supplies wool yarn especially designed for (i) the technical textiles used in certain leading edge industries; (ii) the premium casualwear and sportswear industries; and (iii) its clientele of world-renowned garment manufacturers.

The business’ revenue rose by 2.3% in 2014, as the increase in delivered volumes amply offset the decline in raw wool prices. Recurring operating profit also improved, to end the year at €3.4 million.

Chargeurs Wool’s recurring performance is being driven by the deployment of an integrated value chain that attenuates the risks inherent in the price volatility of its raw material and ensures the seamless traceability that guarantees the quality of its products and customer services. This careful attention is also enabling the business to address customer concerns about social responsibility and environmental issues by certifying the compliance of its partner combing mills with employee health and safety legislation and animal welfare standards.