Chargeurs Wool

An original but efficient business model

Following scouring which rids the wool of impurities, raw wool is carded and combed into tops : a large sliver of wool which is sold to spinners.
Tops are made from blends, which ensure consistent production quality. Fibers are measured in microns which determine the final uses.


After an exceptional year in 2014, Chargeurs Wool returned to a more normal situation in 2015, while improving its manufacturing performance compared with 2013, when the new business model was introduced.

The world leader in premium wool trading, Chargeurs is pursuing its strategy of focusing on outstanding, high value-added products. The only global trader capable of offering customers wool from every producing region, including New Zealand, Australia, Uruguay, Argentina, South Africa and North America, Chargeurs Wool is deploying an optimized business model worldwide that operates through firm contracts, e.g. without any speculative trading or open positions.

The business leverages its expertise in determining quality, traceability and fiber stability to select the finest greasy wool tops from producers worldwide. It is then processed in combing mills in the United States, Uruguay, Argentina and China, in which Chargeurs ensures it retains an equity stake. Chargeurs Wool's marketing teams, who are in daily contact with the world's most prestigious brands, constantly match supply and demand to efficiently deliver the right solution to each customer.

Over the past five years, the division has focused its quality, research and inspection laboratories on developing increasingly finer, more absorbent, softer and warmer wool grades. It has also enhanced its model of a sustainable cycle of production and distribution, which is unlike any other in the world, and is constantly deepening its long-term integration into local communities and regional eco-systems. These developments, which are lifting the division's business performance, are helping to meet the enduring demand for high-quality wool applications in the fast-growing premium fashionwear and luxury sportswear segments.




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