Chargeurs Wool

Chargeurs Wool specializes in topmaking, which consists of creating long, fine blended-wool fibers, known as tops, that successfully meet the needs of spinning mills. It is a major world player in combed wool sales, with a powerful international network and the support of solid local industrial partners.

Following scouring which rids the wool of impurities, raw wool is carded and combed into tops : a large sliver of wool which is sold to spinners.
Tops are made from blends, which ensure consistent production quality. Fibers are measured in microns which determine the final uses.

The year 2013

In November 2013, Chargeurs finalized an agreement whereby China’s Jiangsu Longjin acquired its 25% interest in Zhangjiagang Yangtse Wool Combing Co. This reduced Chargeurs’ stake in the mill to 25% and enabled Chargeurs Wool to complete its transformation into a services business, organized around a global sales network and backed by industrial assets owned in partnership.

Having sharply reduced its invested capital and fixed costs in order to focus on customer relationships and its topmaking business, Chargeurs Wool now presents a different profile. The decline in 2013 revenue reflected the sharp 20.2% negative impact of changes in the scope of consolidation due to the disposals carried out since 2012, an 11.6 % negative impact from the falloff in volumes and the 5.2 % negative effect of lower raw wool prices. On the other hand, operating profit rose during the year.