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The world’s second largest interlinings manufacturer

Heavier or lightweight fabrics, structured clothing or more supple garments, interlinings must fit with the specifications of the apparel for which they are used.
Leveraging its proficiency in the latest coating processes and its increased R&D team, Chargeurs Fashion Technologies has developed a range of very thin interlinings in response to the growing trend in both women’s apparel and menswear.


In 2017, Chargeurs Fashion Technologies once again improved its margins, demonstrated technological leadership and gained strategic new positions in its highly competitive market ecosystem by acting as a preferred partner to the world's leading fashion and luxury brands. Today, the business unit is fully equipped to redesign the interlining industry.

Chargeurs Fashion Technologies provides end-to-end solutions for the world's leading menswear and womenswear brands by designing interlining, the only technical fabric used in a garment. Interlining is generally hot-fused between the fabric and the lining, to help jackets, coats, shirts and blouses to retain their shape and structure.

Chargeurs Fashion Technologies chemists and textile engineers design and develop the coating technology that underpins the interlining production technology. The technology requires extensive development expertise and the ability to continuously adapt to the fabrics chosen by the leading brands for their many collections throughout the fashion year. Interlinings are the high value-added product demanding a combination of intimate knowledge of the leading international brands, the allocation of production across a global manufacturing base, supply chain capabilities and the ability to specify service solutions. It is a niche business that combines speed, technical content, differentiation and know-how. The customer base spans all segments of the apparel market, from luxury to ready-to-wear and fast-fashion.

In addition to its excellent innovation capabilities and rapid response to new fashion trends, Chargeurs Fashion Technologies' plant equipment complies, and in some instances is the only equipment to comply, with the highest market standards. All of these strenghts are essential to satisfying the business unit's increasingly demanding customers.


"Regaining our technological leadership is paying off, and today we are i, the heart of the action, a driving force in the revolution shaking up the interlinings industry"

Bernard Vossart, Managing Director
Chargeurs Fashion Technologies



"Operation Specification"

One way that leading fashion and apparel brands select and approve their suppliers is through specification, in which a given product is "specified" for use in their garments, thereby guaranteeing that their stakeholders around the world will source that product from the specified supplier. Without specification, it is impossible to work with these brands' contract apparel manufacturers, which are generally based in Asia. The new Chargeurs Fashion Technologies showroom, opened in 2017 in "specification central" on New York's Seventh Avenue, in the heart of the garment district, offers an opportunity to market the business unit's technological innovations, high-quality service and invaluable garment making expertise to strategic apparel makers.

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