Chargeurs Luxury Materials

The world leader in premium, certified, traceable wool fibers

Following scouring which rids the wool of impurities, raw wool is carded and combed into tops : a large sliver of wool which is sold to spinners.
Tops are made from blends, which ensure consistent production quality. Fibers are measured in microns which determine the final uses.


In 2017, Chargeurs Luxury Materials pursued its ambitious selective marketing strategy. During the year, it introduced Organica, the first label to offer a line of excellent, traceable, fair-trade fibers, designed for the world's most prestigious luxury fashion and premium sportswear brands dedicated, like their customers, to supporting a sustainable wool production and distribution cycle.

Chargeurs Luxury Materials supplies the world's finest, softest, most resistant wool fibers. The world leader in premium combed wool trading, the business unit is stepping up its strategic focus on outstanding, high value-added products. The only global trader capable of offering customers wool from every producing region, Chargeurs Luxury Materials is deploying an optimized business model that operates through firm contracts.

To deliver quality, traceability and fiber stability, the business leverages its expertise in selecting the finest greasy wool tops from producers worldwide, which are then processed in partner combing mills in the United States, Uruguay, Argentina and China. Its marketing teams, who are in daily contact with the world's most prestigious brands, efficiently prepare, track and deliver the right solution to each customer whatever their location around the world, taking care to match supply and demand. The focus of Chargeurs Luxury Materials' R&D laboratories is to develop increasingly fine, softer wool grades, capitalizing on the business unit's unique sustainable production / distribution cycle model and its constantly deepening, long-term engagement with local producer communities and regional ecosystems. These strategic choices, which are driving the business unit's business performance, are aligned with the enduring market appeal of wool grades produced in compliance with animal welfare and environmental standards, so as to supply apparel applications for the fast-growing luxury fashion and sportswear segments.


"Our Organica label stands for the very best that the wool industry can currently offer in terms of animal welfare, land management, sustainability, quality and traceability"

Federico Paullier, Managing Director
Chargeurs Luxury Materials


"Luxury Fibers"

In 2017, changing the name of the Wool business unit from Chargeurs Wool to Chargeurs Luxury Materials marked a real transition in the business. The revolutionary new name expresses the business unit's commitment to leveraging its expertise to serve global luxury fashion markets, while also shifting to other, non-wool luxury fibers, such as cashmere, silk and alpaca. In this way, Chargeurs Luxury Materials will focus on serving the luxury garment makers most as ease in working with exclusive natural fibers.


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