Chargeurs Technical Substrates

A world-class industrial jewel

In 2017, Chargeurs Technical Substrates maintained its robust, profitable growth trajectory and strengthened its market leadership positions. The launch of game-changing innovations in 2018 should enable the business unit to sustain its operating momentum, while addressing new markets, such as the United States.

Chargeurs Technical Substrates functionalizes technical textiles used in the fast-growing advertising, decoration and interior architecture markets.

Proficiency in coating technology in all its forms is a powerful core competency of three of the Group's four businesses. Extremely delicate and complex to implement technically, coating enables Chargeurs Technical Substrates to functionalize textiles for specific applications, such as the shading or uniform diffusion of light, soundproofing or electromagnetic wave (GSM, Wifi) filtering. These functionalities can also be combined, for example to create large advertising displays on which the fabric can diffuse light, be fireproofed and printed in very high resolutions.

As the European leader in its niche market, with products that enjoy a strong reputation among customers, Chargeurs Technical Substrates has successfully built positions in emerging market segments. Thanks to its end-to-end production ecosystem (comprising printer manufacturers and the publishers of dedicated software) and efficient internal organization, the business unit is keeping pace with the growth in its customer markets.


"Make a world champion out of an industrial jewel - that's our ambitious vision for Chargeurs Technical Substrates

Patrick Bonnefond, Managing Director
Chargeurs Technical Substrates


The Alterra Solution, Voted Product of the Year at the SGIA Awards

Being a solution maker means constantly bringing new innovations to market and driving diversification to create differentiation. Thanks to its proficiency in coating technology, Chargeurs Technical Substrates can agilely and responsively offer bespoke solutions to emerging market needs. With its new eco-designed Alterra fabric, woven with polyester fibers recycled from plastic bottles, the business unit is meeting the technical specifications of brands committed to conducting eco-responsible advertising campaigns. Today, in the world of advertising, where printable media have a limited lifespan and generate large amounts of waste, Alterra stands out as an excellent solution that recycles a plastic bottle for every square meter of fabric produced.

Through this initiative, Chargeurs Technical Substrates is renewing its commitment to safeguarding the environment and pursuing its eco-design management program, for which it was awarded the AFAQ Confirmed Eco-Design label in 2015.


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