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Market for the Company's shares

Chargeurs shares are quoted on Euronext Paris (code ISIN FR0000130692).
First introduction : June 24, 1996


Share capital

Monthly update on the number of voting rights and number of shares


The Chargeurs shares are eligible for inclusion in French 'PEA' share savings plans (Plan d'Épargne en Actions)

(see press release)

The Chargeurs share is part of EnterNext© PEA-PME 150 which was launched on November 17, 2014 by Euronext to serve as index for companies eligible for inclusion in French 'PEA' share savings plans (Plan d'Épargne en Actions). 


Effective from May 26, 2010, Chargeurs shares are eligible for the NYSE-Euronext Paris Deferred Settlement Service, with long-only status
This service is available for stocks that are continuously traded on the NYSE-Euronext Paris market with a daily trading volume of at least €100,000. Stocks with long-only status are not tradable on the centralized borrowing and lending market; however, investors can nevertheless enjoy the benefits of deferred settlement under an arrangement with their broker.